TW Keeps Finding Ways To Get On My Bad Side

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A couple of weeks ago Time Warner moved a couple of mystery movie channels that had been available off the system that annoyed me but I lived with it. Then today they have now taken FEARNET off the I am pissed. I called asked them about it they said yes they did take it off but suggested I try CHILLER channel, which has nothing but lame tv shows and they also suggest channel 1008. SO now what was once a movie channel for free they have decided that we should now be paying for.......I am so close to say bye-bye TW. People are struggling in the economy and they keep finding ways to charge people MORE......think I am going to see if one of the other services have FEARNET and just go that direction......oh yeah I also read a letter from them that they are moving a number of sports channel to a $1.99 a month bundle......TW you are not the brightest people sometime.

Posted March 31, 2009 10:30am in
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I'm a week or two from

I'm a week or two from cancelling both phone and cable (keeping RR). Not one of those threatening calls to retention either, I'm flat out cancelling. Just the way TW does business and treats customer, it's like a swarm of mosquitoes. I can tolerate them for a little, but after a while I need to get away. I'm sure after a few months I'll go back under one of their 'welcome back' packages.

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You think TWC is bad try

You think TWC is bad try having Charter. I would take TWC over Charter any day. I never thought I would see the day where I would consider getting satellite when there is a cable company's services available but Charter is horrible.

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Unfortunately, I don't have

Unfortunately, I don't have much of a choice besides TW. I cannot receive satellite signals due to the trees...

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No AT&T Uverse either?

No AT&T Uverse either?

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Cable is always losing the

Cable is always losing the "Northeast Wisconsin HD Race" too. TWC has no problem investing in a new building in Appleton but they are usually the last to add features to their service. Last to add HD channels, last to have DVR innovations, last to have multi-room DVR . . .

For once I would like to go into work and brag to my buddies about something TWC has that dish doesn't already have.

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I don't think TWC is doing

I don't think TWC is doing all that bad in the HD "race". It could be better but it isn't as horrible as Charter. Plus everyone seems to consider AT&T Uverse cable and they have more HD then Satellite. Also people need to realize that TWC's new division headquarters consolidated several offices scattered around Kimberly and Appleton which in the long run will save money and the building is much more energy efficient too. Also I don't believe satellite has true multi-room DVR. They basically let video be displayed on a second TV from a box rather than let other devices access and use data between each other.

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Used that new startover

Used that new startover feature a few times last week. I have to admit, it didn't thrill me at first because I prefer to DVR and fast forward through commercials, but used it on an HBO movie that I caught in the middle and it was pretty cool. How does this work on dish?

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it doesnt... Not that Ive

it doesnt... Not that Ive ever heard.. Just a cable network feature.. Comcast, TW.. etc.

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I also am done TWC. Tuesday

I also am done TWC. Tuesday is my day to switch to uverse. We will see how it goes for me. I have heard bad things about the install process so we will see.

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I just had Uverse installed

I just had Uverse installed in DePere. Dumped Time Warner. Install took less than 2 hours. With internet and cable. No Problems at all. I love it.


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