TWC Ch 1642 and 1003, 1007, 24/7 WBAY weather, Retro long outages on New Year's Day.

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I'm in Oshkosh. On New Year's Day, these HD channels on TWC had prolonged outages: 1642, 1007, 1003, WBAY 24/7 weather, Retro. From about 7 am to 3 pm, 1642 had no picture, eventually had sound. At about 3 PM the other 4 channels did the same thing for about 4 hours. I could only watch the Rose Bowl on TWC 03 (using zoom 1 to fill the screen)

I called the local number to report it, ended up with some techie in Oklahoma. Of course, he couldn't view the monitor to see the problem, since my channels are not in Oklahoma. All he could do, was re-boot....after I told him not to, as I'd just done one of about 4 re-boots.
He apologized, said he'd send the report to the Appleton/Kimberly ofc.

As I said, it did eventually come on, but I missed about 12 hours of view time for these channels. I intend to call on Monday and have sales or billing issue a credit.

I can't understand how we here can have an issue resolved when TWC is too tight to provide local tech support for reporting these issues. Some local employee must have found this to be the situation and was able to contact someone to rectify things. This is pathetic and inexcusable.

Did anyone else experience what I've described?

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