TWC Channel Program guide info not being refreshed

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Has anyone noticed that the DETAILED info about programs on TWC is not at all being well-maintained and being refreshed ? Using the remote control, you need to click "INFO", and it loads the program's detailed description, but it has not been storing the loaded description.

Also, with PBSHD ( Ch 708 ), despite programming being shown, it says " Off Air ", from 6 am to 6 pm. I just looked at Fri, Sat, and Sun. and it shows absolutely no programs for Ch. 708. It has been like this since they eliminated 752 and 754, and activated 708.

I shouldn't have to subscribe to TV Guide for this information. It's difficult and discouraging to set up DVR recordings ahead of time...not knowing if you want to record a program that you know no details about.

I've re-booted the DVR box many times with no change. If anyone else notices this, call TWC technical support to let them know. I was once told that if less than 5 complaints are received, it is treated as if there is no problem. But, they'll suggest re-boot, and offer to send a technician to look at what you're calling about.

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I have noticed the same

I have noticed the same symptoms. I have given up on power cycling the box. It eventually returns.

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If you can do so, call TWC

If you can do so, call TWC to tell them about this. They'll only act if there are enough calls about it. Thanks for the response. It's good to know it's not my HD DVR.

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TWC did some corrective work

TWC did some corrective work with the program info guide. They have all days back to normal, except Monday, which still exhibits the same problems. I guess just be grateful for this much improvement. Ch. 708, also, is showing normal programming. A good piece of work by TWC. Now, we can better appreciate the rate increase with all systems back in order.

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It's even worse now than it

It's even worse now than it had been. From Thursday night, next week, up to midnite on Saturday, there are no shows listed at all. It will most likely be up to midnite on Sunday, next week..........after this Sunday's shows are done.It is just one big void.
Anyone else seeing this ? Call Time Warner and complain if you are.

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I have also noticed that

I have also noticed that there is no info past this thursday(11/30) at 7pm

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Call them and complain.

Call them and complain. It's the only way it will get fixed.

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I called TW last night and

I called TW last night and they eventually fixed my channel guide but i also got an email describing the problem

There is currently a network outage that is affecting the guide for all
converters. Our Network Operations Center is aware and working to
restore the full functionality of the guide as soon as possible


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