TWC readying Start Over on HD channels?

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Anyone else notice the popup that you'd normally see on the Start Over SD channels showing up on some HD channels? I've seen them on Food Network and FX lately. Right now it only gives you options to add a channel to your favorites, but at the end of the show, it pops up again like it does when you're on a Start Over channel.

I know they'd teased in past that they'd add HD channels to Start Over at some point, but this seems kind of coincidental.

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I noticed this during the

I noticed this during the Olympics on some of the NBC network family (USA, MSNBC, etc) and found it "interesting" the on screen display for "Enhanced TV" was the ability to add the channel as a favorite. Not much experience enhancement there. It would be nice for the "Start Over" ability to come to the HD channels. Its been with the SD channels for quite some time.

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Right, you really don't need

Right, you really don't need to use "Enhanced TV" if you wish to add a channel to your list of favorites.

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New HD channels on start over

New HD channels on start over as of today 3/16/10 are:
Food Network
National Geographic

New HD Channels they have added today 3/16/10 are:
Hallmark HD - 1113
Fox Soccer HD - 1318
Showtime Shocase HD - 1644

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I see the new HD channels,

I see the new HD channels, and Start Over on Food, FX and Nat Geo, but TBS, TNT and USA only give me "Enhanced TV" prompts.

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What exactly does the

What exactly does the "Enhanced TV" do? Does it increase picture quality or add some other functionality?

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Enhanced TV is the label on

Enhanced TV is the label on the popup that appears. The only option it gives you is adding the channel to your favorites. When Start Over is enabled, it just says "Start Over."


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