First-hand impressions of Vizio LCD HDTVs?

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I'm contemplating a low-priced, mid-size LCD HDTV and came across the Vizio brand at Walmart. All the reviews I've read have been good but I'm looking for people's personal experience. I'm thinking in the 32-37" variety.

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I have the 37" from Sam's

I have the 37" from Sam's Club. DO NOT buy the Walmart version.

The Walmart version is the 37VW and the Sam's version is the 37VX.

Sam's version has dual HDMI inputs and a digital optical output. The Wally version does not have these features, and the price is the same.

The tuner is just as good as my Sammy H260F standalone, except that while using the optical audio output, it does not send audio from analog channels. (all of the digital channels produce digital audio, so this is not a problem for me as I only watch the digital channels)

The picture, out of the box, is very commercial. The colors, contrast and brightness are way too high. Calibration with AVIA got it to be great with DVDs. I then tweaked down the color and contrast just a bit more for HDTV. BINGO!

The set has seperate settings for each input, so the DVD calibration was saved on one input and the DTV calibration was saved on the antenna input.

I will put my calibrated 37" Visio 720P up against any other 720P HDTV out there. It has a great picture. I bought it in June and have had no problems. Sam's has always offered a great returns policy.

Go for it. Calibrate it. Never look back!

By the way, calibration was simple. Not only are the major calibrations easily accessable on the main menu, but the RGB calibrations are also accessable in the main menu!


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I have a 32" from Sam's and

I have a 32" from Sam's and a 42" GV42 from Both are spectacular. I highy recommend Vizio to everybody.

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I have a 20" and 37" Vizio

I have a 20" and 37" Vizio and love them both. In face I think I will buy the 42" or 46" vizio later this year as well.


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