Audio digital output keeps reverting back to HDMI

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I know TWC doesn't really support using HDMI cables with their DVRs, so I thought I'd ask here if anyone else has this same problem.

I have two 8300HDC's, connected by HDMI to LCD HDTVs. I also have them each connected to home theater receivers. I've found that connecting the digital outputs of the TVs to my receivers only sends out stereo audio, so to get Dolby Digital, I have to connect the DVRs by coaxial to the receiver directly. (That also is the case with my DVD or Blu-ray players)

Not sure on both TVs, but on my Vizio in particular, if I switch back and forth between HDMI inputs, it seems to cause my DVR to revert its digital audio output setting to HDMI, and I have to keep setting it back to Dolby Digital to get true Dolby Digital to my receiver via coaxial. I set it to Dolby, change over to the Blu-ray, then I change back to the DVR and the digital audio is set back to HDMI setting.

Any ideas? Anyone else have this problem?

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I will try this scenario

I will try this scenario tomorrow when I am back in Appleton. The fact the 8300HDC's do not support surround sound via HDMI is just irritating. Maybe there is some sound scientific reason, but isn't that what HDMI is for? I guess the 8300HDC's must be on some old version of the spec.

Usually we just listen to programming through the TV via HDMI, but on occasion we want the full surround sound. My receiver is old and doesn't have a HDMI input so coaxial does the trick. I would love to let the output from the box go to the TV via HDMI and then send the sound output from the TV via optical to my receiver to get surround. Every time we need to switch the sound output of the DVR to Dolby Digital so we get the coaxial to the receiver. The TV does not have a coax sound input - only HDMI or stereo inputs. I can not leave the setup the same to listen through the TV and have surround via the receiver. Irritating to say the least.


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