Biggest pet peeve with Navigator?

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Compared to the old system, what's your biggest pet peeve with Navigator?

Posted January 28, 2010 10:02am in
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Okay, so I've noticed that

Okay, so I've noticed that the fast-forward/reverse feature has been tweaked slightly and it's driving me batty. When fast-forwarding if you hit play to stop the fast-forward it will try to help you by skipping back some small bit of time to compensate I'd assume for slow reactions...I could almost get used to that, but it does the same for when reversing backwards to get to the point I want to go and then hitting play it jumps me forward some set amount, and usually not in the way I want.

Has anybody seen any way to turn this feature off?

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No, but I do agree that it

No, but I do agree that it should be a feature that you can toggle on or off. It's going to be a learning experience, but I'm getting better at hitting play when I see my program come back from commercial, then it snaps back a few seconds to where I wanted it to be.

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Directv has this feature too

Directv has this feature too and I love it now that I am used to it. They seem to have theirs set to just the right amount of skip back.

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If you hit zero before

If you hit zero before starting back up, it doesn't jump.

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Don't know if anyone else has

Don't know if anyone else has experienced this, but twice this week since the upgrade, we've had shows not record because the channel was "unavailable." But when I tune to the channel, I can no longer just hit the red "record" button to start recording something on the fly like we could before. You have to go into the guide, THEN the record button. That's a BIG boo-boo in the design that I hope they correct. I wonder if these are things they will correct though.

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That's odd. I just tried it

That's odd. I just tried it on my DVR, and was able to record with the REC button just fine. I did notice that it only adds a red REC to the Guide Info, though, rather than opening up recording options.

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I haven't been able to figure

I haven't been able to figure out how to turn the display off (time off) when the box is off, but keep the display on when the box is on. It seems it's either all or nothing (display off always or on always).

This was a simple setting on the old system.

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Let's peeves...

8300HD DVR #1- After update guide was extremely slow. Trying to play a show that was recorded prior to the update caused the box to reboot. New reboot is extremely slow. After 4 attempts [and wasting 2 hours of my life] decided to delete all shows recorded before the update. After all the deletions- attempting to record anything caused the box to reboot.

So, took 8300HD DVR#1 back for 8300HD DVR#2. Navigator guide on #2 is also extremely slow- so slow as to make the guide useless. Attempting to record anything on #2 causes the screen to freeze for about 15 seconds and then nothing records.

Will be taking #2 back for #3. So so far for me, Navigator is an epic fail.

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Assuming you had an 8300HD

Assuming you had an 8300HD box originally. Did you get one when you exchanged the box, or did they give you a newer 8300HDC model (the one with a CableCard slot in the back)? Wondering if that has anything to do with it.

I'm having a couple problems right now with Navigator recording shows (or namely, NOT recording shows) but I think it's a problem with my signal more than anything else.

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DVR#1 was a 8300HD, DVR#2

DVR#1 was a 8300HD, DVR#2 (which never worked right) was a 8300HDC, and DVR#3 is also a 8300HDC.

DVR#3 works- but will not work with my external hard drive. It seems to recognize the drive, but won't record anything with it plugged in. I plan to try reformatting the drive this weekend and see if that gets it to work.

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What kind/brand of external

What kind/brand of external hard drive do you have?

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I've had problems using my

I've had problems using my external hard drive. All the recordings that were on the hard drive would not play. I rebooted a few times. It seems to recognize the drive at first but later shows will not record (channel not available) and those I did manage to record - and replay just after completion - will not play later. It all worked fine before. If I turn off the external drive and free up space on the internal drive it will record and play. Very frustrating not to have that drive space.

Is anyone else having problems with external drives? Mine is a Fantom gforce gf1000eu.

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I too have a Fantom Gforce

I too have a Fantom Gforce drive on my second 8300HDC DVR, but I haven't had a good chance to sit down with it since the update this week. I did accidentally unplug my drive and it popped up a message scolding me for unplugging the drive while the DVR was on, so I held out hope that Navigator treated external drives smarter than the old system.

I'll be watching the Super Bowl on that TV tonight so I'll see if I find any problems to report.

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I have an 8300HD with a

I have an 8300HD with a Seagate 500GB Barracuda in Vantec ESata External enclosure, all seems to be working fine after the update. My brother has the identincal external drive setup, but has the 8300HDC. His external drive was working fine prior to update, but is nolonger working after. Anyone have an 8300HDC with a working external drive after the Navigator update?

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I am also having problems

I am also having problems with my External drives. I have two Apricorn DVR Xpanders. One is 500GB and the other is 1TB. I choose Apricorn after much research on the internet because they were supposed to work with the SA 8300HD (specifically the SARA software) very well. Prior to the update they both worked flawlessly.

These drives are necessary because of the paltry 160GB drives that come with the 8300HD. They only hold 20 hours of HD which is totally inadequate for our family of 4. Now my DVR won't even recognize them. When they are connected it won't record anything. I disconnect them and the unit works fine without them. One time I tried to reconnect one of them and I lost everything, including some shows that were recorded on the internal hard drive while the external drive was disconnected. (Yes, I had the DVR completely unplugged when I reconnected it).

Last week I had a Time Warner tech come over for an unrelated concern. He was a very nice young man and when I questioned him on the external hard drive concerns he made several calls to the office and the other techs. Time Warner's official position is that "they don't support external hard drives" but this young man really tried to help me. Unfortunately, none of his coworkers knew the answer either. I am surprised Time Warner doesn't offer an external hard drive. I would pay an extra $5 or maybe even $7 a month if they could hook me up with one that works.

I have a second concern with this software. I was playing with the DVR a couple of days ago and stumbled across the TV on Demand feature. Some of the shows I like to watch can be called up "on demand" at anytime, one day after they are originally shown. CBS, NBC, some select FX Network shows, and some select USA Network shows (just to name a few) were available "On Demand". Since my external hard drives are now useless I thought I had a viable work-around. I didn't need to record some of my favorite shows like "Burn Notice, Chuck, CSI Miami, and Heroes" because now I could just watch them the day after by going to "TV on Demand" and calling them up. Now, this morning I went to check out what shows were available and this TV on Demand feature is missing. What the heck?!

To sum up this longwinded post, I have two questions:
1) Does anyone have a solution to the external hard drive problem?
2) What happened to the "TV on Demand" feature

I will monitor this forum in the hope that someone smarter than me knows of a fix.

Thanks for any advice.



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