DVR absolutely positively will not record WFRV HD

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While I haven't gotten to use my second HD DVR at all since the Navigator upgrade, Navigator positively killed my main HD DVR's ability to record WFRV HD (channel 1006). Anything set to record on the channel will not record unless I leave the DVR on 1006 before the recording is supposed to begin. Otherwise, it just says the channel was unavailable for recording. Never have a tuning problem just watching... only recording, and seemingly ONLY this channel. (I have noticed it records on our other identical HD DVR though)

Any ideas?

Posted February 10, 2010 8:24pm in
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Sure, call TWC Tech support,

Sure, call TWC Tech support, tell them the problem, and have them send a tech to fix the problem. I have the Explorer 8300 HDC DVR and have had not one problem with recording any of the channels. I can select each day the shows I want to record and they are being recorded. Tomorrow, Fri, 2-12-10,
I will select "guide" and advance it from FRI thru Wed. Then I will just go to the channels fore next Thurs that I want to record, click on them, and they will show up on Sceduled recordings and will be recorded.

Sounds like your set-up was not complete or that you have a dud. Whichever, they'll take care of it.

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ok i am working for my uncle

ok i am working for my uncle and i come twice a week for him and everweek A&E wont record or work but everyother channel works fine i reset the box and A&E works but as soon as it records something A&E doesnt work and no longer records. Has happened everyweek for the last 3 weeks tryed calling customer help but keep on getting robots or the stupid machine


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