Post-upgrade weirdness, changes, or deletions?

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After you got upgraded to Navigator, did you lose any DVR recordings, scheduled shows or settings?

Let us know here!

Posted January 28, 2010 9:49am in
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While the features of the new

While the features of the new Navigator are overall pretty good -- we've noticed that the volume of the programming that now comes with the signal is significantly weaker.

Previously, we listened to 90% of the channels at about 15 on our tv's volume (we have a Panasonic Plasma HDTV) -- Now we need to crank the volume to nearly twice that, 25-35, to get the same result. This has only occured since the switch to the new Navigator.

Any ideas why this would change? It's very frustrating and I wish the audio would return to it's original. Cranking up the volume to such a high number makes me feel like great-grandma is sitting next to me with her hearing aid on!

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This might be a setting that

This might be a setting that got knocked out in the transition.

I'm not in front of my TV so I can't give you specific direction as to where this can be found in the menu, but there's two options to look for... one is audio range and another is fixed/variable volume. Audio range has three settings -- narrow, normal, and wide. Chances are if you notice volume being lower, you may have had it set to normal or narrow and it's now set to wide. Try setting it to normal, and if you still need a bit more oomph, set it to narrow.

Also, there's an audio setting to change between fixed or variable volume. Variable volume would be used if you wanted to control your volume using the cable box's volume setting. Try setting it to 'fixed' and it will often pump the volume a bit. You can then control your volume via the TV, which most people do anyways.

Hope this helps!


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