RDC power causing HD recording problems?

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OK, this might be a little bit more of an advanced question for this forum, but I know there's a few cable installers locally or outside the area that come here. Hoping I can get an answer before I have to make a service call.

When we got our cable installed at our new house, the installer was checking the diagnostics on our 8300HDC DVR and were concerned about the RDC power number we were seeing. It was, and still is, 57. They tried putting in an extra splitter or two in the line to see if that would knock it into range, but it didn't seem to. I wasn't sure whether it was a problem or not, but the new Navigator diagnostics channel marks the RDC power as red so I guess it must be a problem.

Reading a couple other random forum posts about RDC power, it seems like it's supposed to be more in the 45-50 range, otherwise it can affect features like on-demand, Start Over, and SDV. While we haven't had much (if any) problem with on-demand, we have had an occasional blip with Start Over (it wouldn't start but would go the second time).

With the old guide system, it seemed to be a lot more forgiving of tuning problems, as we rarely, if ever, saw shows not record because of a tuning problem. Now with Navigator, we've been noticing at least one recording a night missing. When I go into the recording log, it always says "Not recorded because the channel was not available (2)." They seem to mainly be broadcast network HD recordings (WFRV, WLUK, etc).

Does anyone think my RDC power is causing this issue, and how can I get it in line? Splitters in the line don't seem to be budging the RDC number at all, no matter how many there are. The original installer thought it was high because we seemed to be very close to an amplifier in the neighborhood.

Any ideas?

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RDC stands for return data

RDC stands for return data carrier and is for on demand and things of that nature where your box is sending info back it should not effect your dvr recording I wouldn't think. Also from my understanding it is a measure of power needed to send out so taking splitters out would lower it putting splitters inline will make it go up.


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