Recording DVR recording to VCR on Navigator

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Before we got Navigator, on the old program guide set-up,
we were able to take a recorded show on the DVR and record it to our VCR.

I see no way this is able to be done with Navigator.

Does anyone know IF it can be done, and, if so, HOW ?

Posted March 25, 2010 11:11pm in
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I see they have disabled the

I see they have disabled the "Copy to VCR" function that previously existed. My guess is that's at the behest of the content providers who've always detested the analog hole.

That said, you should still be able to connect your DVR to your VCR and record programs out. You just can't do it in the background through the second set of composite outputs.

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Mark, With the OLD guide

With the OLD guide system, I used an A/B switch and with the on-screen instructions, was able to do just that. I tried for about an hour with
Navigator and, while the DVR recording does play back, the VCR is capable of either recording the VCR CH 3 setting or the VCR's channel once you turn on the VCR. Just doesn't work. Maybe we have a tekkie out here who can figure out if it is or isn't possible.

For the most part I can record Channels 1-99 on the VCR separately from any DVR recordings at the same time without any problem.

Calling tech seems to, as usuual, be a waste of time.

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FYI looks like TWC is running

FYI looks like TWC is running free Showtime HD channels 1642 1643 and 1644 possibly for the weekend.

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Directv is also doing this.

Directv is also doing this. Must be a Showtime promotion.

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They used to do this more

They used to do this more often. Glad they're doing it now, although their movie selection sucks right now.

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I seem to be having the same

I seem to be having the same problem. Before the new and "improved" programing I was able to "copy to VCR" program I had DVR'd using my DVD recorder/player. This was help so that I could pop them later in another room or when nothing else was on. Did Time Warner completely get rid of this function? Will there be any way for me to be able to this with the new program. I am not a tekkie and dont feel like messing around for hour trying to figure it out. Any suggestions?

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Anybody have any updates to

Anybody have any updates to restoring the copy to VCR feature?

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Is there any ability to turn

Is there any ability to turn on this DVR feature "copy to VCR" ? The feature was avaiable in older software load of 8300HDC. Can it be turned on using any setup/programing options. I used this feature to move my recordings off the 8300HDC, due to its limited storage capacity.


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