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Posted February 12, 2010 10:21am in
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Why, when TWC says we can see

Why, when TWC says we can see upcoming programs 7 days in advance, is the program guide only going thru 11:30 pm - midnite, Mon, 2-22-10? It advances from now right up to the end of 2-22-10 programming, but does not go beyond, making shows on HBO SHO and other movie channels (in particular) for pre-programming recordings not possible. You can't see which programs are available for recording ahead of time. It was working just fine up until today. This is on the digital ( and HD )channels.

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Happy to note that as of this

Happy to note that as of this morning, 2-18-10, the program guide was back to normal......someone must have been asleep at the wheel.

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It wasn't uncommon for some

It wasn't uncommon for some of my past DVRs to have issues with downloading of new guide data. I think it's more of a hardware communication issue than someone asleep at the wheel. One DVR would have the info and the other wouldn't at the same time.

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Are you receiving digital

Are you receiving digital program guide info right now for Thurs, 2-25 ?
At this very moment, after re-boots, my program description for the HD grouping stops at the end of Weed, 2-24. It will not advance into
Thurs, 2-25.

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I'll have to look when I get

I'll have to look when I get home tonight.

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It normalized early this

It normalized early this afternoon. But, this has happened 2 or 3 times this week. It's getting tiresome to have happen and to to call TW tech about it. If you're lucky, you'll get a rep up here, but many times they're out of the Milw area, don't have the problem we're having up here, and almost seem indifferent to it.

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In the new navigator, i can't

In the new navigator, i can't seem to block inappropriate show titles- my settings are correct as far as i can tell, but some of them still show the raunchy titles...

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Re: Title blocking Luckily,

Re: Title blocking

Luckily, we're not in a position where we need to have concerns about this.
From what I see, you click the settings bar on the left of the remote, then on the bottom, scroll to parental controls. It indicates a title block as the 2nd item down from the top. From here I'm guessing, but it looks like you need to click title block to " ON ", then it reads to go to on-screen guide to hide the blocked titles. I appears that whatever parental control blocking you want, that you need to be sure Parental Control is turned
" ON ".

If you've done this without the desired results, then if you call TW, select option for tech support. I've used them for other issues, and have found them to be patiently helpful in walking me thru what I want done.

If it isn't working for you after their help, they'll probably send a tech to your home, as though there is a problem with the DVR box.

Good luck !

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I've had problems with the

I've had problems with the upper HD channels blacking out. Example is 1333 Big Ten Network HD, I have times with it will not come in, screen is blank. I called TWC technical and they had me unplug the DVR and wait, then power on. It works, but I've had to do this 3 times in the last week. This never happened with the old software.

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I have had this exact issue

I have had this exact issue as well, it happens on different channels at different times. I have even had it continue with the same channel after resetting the box. This was a fairly common problem for me with the old system as well for a long time. After 2 years of dealing with it and 3 or 4 visits from TWC they finally got it working smoothly. Since the upgrade the problems have begun again. Hopefully it is something that goes away on its own. I am not a big fan of having to call and go through the process of getting someone to come out and work on it.

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When you select " List " (of

When you select " List " (of recorded shows on DVR), at the bottom, you can scroll to " Scheduled Recordings", " Record Log ", etc.

Is there any way that the record log can be cleared or deleted ? Mine has over 100 cancelled, deleted, etc., shows in the list. I cannot get rid of them. Does this take up any amount of the DVR's hard drive space ?

If there is a way to clear this list from " Record Log ", I'd appreciate finding out how.

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An option to delete entries

An option to delete entries in the recording log when Time Warner notices a sudden drop off in recording of late night pay per view shows.

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When TWC rolled out their

When TWC rolled out their latest update recently, it eliminated the ability to group favorite channels in the navigator. The favorites are still marked, but all channels still show in the list. I called TWC technical, and the guy admitted that when the latest update was rolled out they needed to eliminate a feature to "make room for other functions" and the grouping of favorites was one they dropped. He said he gets tons of complaints about it, and figures they may have to bring it back. It surprises me that TWC doesn't have a better handle on what their consumers value in their product. hope it comes back soon.


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