Why must I navigate through channels I don't receive

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My HD-DVR was upgraded this morning while the non DVR HD box is still on the old software. If I am not in the Program Guide and am just arrowing through the channels (up and down while still viewing the same channel), I now have to navigate through all of the channels we do not subscribe to! I can't stand this "feature". At times I don't remember which channels we get. Why would I want to select a program and receive the "to subscribe to this channel call..." I guess it may be a marketing gimic, but why should I always have to navigate past ESPNU to get to the Big Ten Network. I don't want to add all of my channels as favorites. I know the old Program Guide included all the channels. Why not make it a feature of the new software to eliminate these channels. Also, when I press "A" to access the programming categories, it displays programming we do not subscribe to.

All in all, I like the updated look and feel, but it is just totally unacceptable to make us navigate through all of this extra information that is just unnecessary. If there is a way to turn this off and I just don't know how, please let me know.

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That's good to know. It's

That's good to know. It's not something I noticed when I got my Navigator demo last week, because I was seeing it on a DVR with ALL channels enabled, so that seems like a very curious "feature."

I really hope my 8300HDC's get updated soon so I can investigate all these little things that are coming up here.

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The easy fix to this is

The easy fix to this is setting up your favorite channels list and surfing this way....

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Setting up the guide for an

Setting up the guide for an individual customer based on the channels they subscribe too is not offered by any providor and is way more omplicated than it looks. As already suggested..set up your favs.

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True, but if the channel

True, but if the channel up-and-down cycles through ALL channels and not just the ones they subscribe to (as it worked prior to Navigator), that seems like a big step backward to those not accustomed to using the guide to change channels.

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I have Directv they have four

I have Directv they have four display options for the guide. You can set it to see the "channels I get", "all channels" and you can setup two favorite lists.

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Actually Paul, I have Dish

Actually Paul, I have Dish network, and when I bring up the guide, I hit the guide button again and then it gives an option to show all channels, just the HD channels, or just the channels you subscribe to.
I have the VIP 622 HD DUO-DVR but I assume it's that way on all of their receivers.

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One of my two HD-DVRs

One of my two HD-DVRs (8300HDs) updated to Navigator on Wednesday. I'd say that forcing us to flip through channels we do not pay for is a major class A annoyance. Time Warner Cable's "Home of the Free HD" has turned into "Half of our HD channels are included in your $120 bill and we'll make you wish you paid for the other ones".

If the channels switched super fast like uVerse it wouldn't be a huge deal. But waiting for a second for a channel to come in, only to see it is not available is a huge negative.

I really hope this is a bug that will be worked out, and not a planned feature. I'll give them a few weeks to work it out and then call or e-mail to express my comments.

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I agree that they really need

I agree that they really need to get away from the "Home of Free HD" tagline, as it's more misleading than not. I can see they're trying to make the point that they don't charge a HD technology fee like AT&T does, but most people will infer that you're getting all the HD channels for free, which isn't the case.

That said, I too am hoping that the channel issues you and others are reporting with Navigator get changed. It will be an annoyance for certain.

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So I got the update this

So I got the update this morning, and given the new functionality, I agree that showing ALL channels instead of just those you subscribe to is going to be annoying. Not just for the guide and channel up/down browsing, but also in show searches and the "on now" lists under the "A" menu. It's nice being able to see what shows are on now by type (news, sports, HD, etc), but it shows you stuff you can't get with your package, and that's VERY annoying.

Also, setting up favorites on two DVRs is going to be time consuming.

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As stated above, if you don't

As stated above, if you don't like that, then go thru the tedious process of choosing your favorite channels. That way you can just navigate thru those that are of interest to you. Otherwise, memorize the channel numbers you frequently view/record ( or write them down ), go to guide, and go to those channels.


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