I love my Xbox 360 (but not for gaming)

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I have a small handful of games for my 360, but I've found myself using it more as an entertainment hub.

I use it as an extender for Windows Media Center, which is brilliant. It works so well, and I don't have to keep my PC in the same room. I also download a lot of HD movies from Xbox Live. Works great!

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More Games for my Wii

I can see that. I have a 360 and a Wii. I actually find myself buying more games for the Wii and renting more for the 360. I cant find myself paying 60 bucks for a substandard game. I either get it second hand from GameStop of just rent it. I can point out 1 game that truly set thea 360 standard and that Gears of War. Sure Halo 3 was OK but a lot of the games are cross platform so they are truly not dedicated to the power of 360.

I use the zune/360 connecion to my PC. I also pull over a few 80's cartoons over to watch from my PC. It truly is a neat feature. The good thing is the 360 doesnt make you buy into a next gen HD movie package (PS3) to get gaming.

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This is an old post, but I'm

This is an old post, but I'm new to the forum so I'll chime in.

Getting an Xbox 360 is what led to me getting a HDTV. Until getting the 360 I was perfectly happy with my 14 year old 32" SD Toshiba, but any text in games for the 360 was impossible to read on my old TV.

While I was impressed with the graphics when I first got the 360, they're definitely a lot more impressive now that I have a HDTV.

I couldn't be happier with the few games I've got for it, but I do kind of wish now that I had gotten a PS3 due to the Blu-Ray player it includes. The snippets of HD video I've downloaded via Xbox live are great, but I just can't see paying to download full length HD movies via Xbox live since they automatically delete after a few days. I doubt I'd buy many Blu-Ray movies either at their current prices, but I'm sure I'd rent quite a few.

The decision to get the 360 over the PS3 though for me really came down to price- the 360 Arcade (which has an HDMI port and the Falcon motherboard) was only $279 and I got a used hard drive off of eBay for another $20, so $299 for a 360 vs. $459 for a PS3 (I would have had to get a rumble controller which is an extra $60 if I had gotten a PS3).

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I'm with you there,

I'm with you there, wihogfan. I actually won my Xbox 360 from that Pepsi cap promotion. Prior to that, I was happy with SD television. Now all my TVs (except for my kitchen) are HD.

I use it more for extending my Windows Media Center PC into my living room. I wanted to get a second one for my bedroom just for that purpose. (The games are purdy, too!)

Frankly, I'm not impressed with Bluray in the least. Upconverted DVDs off my lovely Toshiba HD DVD player look just as good. Why "re buy" all my movies?


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