The move to HD

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So when is the switch going to happen? I know they were initially looking at mid-December. Anyone have any insight?

Posted December 9, 2011 4:09pm in
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Well, Cami Rapson recently

Well, Cami Rapson recently posted this on her Facebook page last night (12/9):

" didn't hear it from me, but we've been rehearsing on the new HD set this week, and things look great! If I were you, I wouldn't miss *any newscasts, anytime soon! ;)"


WBAY hasn't said exactly which day the switch will take place, but it's likely sometime VERY soon.

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Matthew Rausch on Facebook

Matthew Rausch on Facebook asked when the launch date was and WBAY's response was "Wednesday at noon is the launch." So set the DVR's to record!

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Just heard at the end of

Just heard at the end of tonight's 10pm newscast that it will happen tomorrow, December 14th at noon.

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I was not very impressed. I

I was not very impressed. I sure hope that it improves.

the color was definitely cool with a bluish push. They had HD for the main desk, but the weather was not HD, although the screen that the radar was on was widescreen, it had bars on each side and a 4:3 aspect. The remote stories were all in SD.

All in all, the noon broadcast was subpar when compared to WFRV and all of the Wausau stations (including Rhinelander).

I'm bummed. I was hoping for better.

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I had intended to DVR it but

I had intended to DVR it but forgot. Will have to catch it tonight. Say what you will about WFRV, but they were more or less 100% ready to switch on day one. Sounds like a botched opportunity on WBAY's part. Will be curious to see how WLUK fares with their upgrade whenever it happens. WGBA will likely be a long way off.

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I watched the 5PM and I am

I watched the 5PM and I am now watching the 6PM shows. MUCH better. Color is better and most everything was HD, even the weather maps, which were 4:3 SD at noon.

Congrats WBAY!

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Looks great! Same tired

Looks great! Same tired music though... it's time to modernize that, too.

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Hey! That music is epic. lol

Hey! That music is epic. lol ;) But if they could find a way to make it better, great! :D And it does look absolutely fantastic. It probably won't be long before WLUK gets jealous enough to finally decide to switch.

Welcome to HD, WBAY!


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