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About a week ago, I noticed that the picture quality of channel 2-3 is much worse than it used to be. This happened about the same time that the channel started putting their station id "bug" in the lower right corner of the screen. The picture is very grainy, especially when there is a lot of motion on the screen. I don't know a whole lot about digital video, but perhaps there is more compression now than before? Has anyone else noticed anything? Or am I the only one that watches this channel?

It's a shame, because this channel is one of my favorites. I am watching over-the-air.

Posted January 22, 2009 11:59am in
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There was some corporate

There was some corporate shakeups at the channel lately and I believe -- someone correct me if I'm wrong -- that WBAY is running a national feed of the channel now instead of their locally-customized version they had before. Maybe that has something to do with it.

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Yes. RTN was sold. The new


RTN was sold. The new owner took over January 1??? or thereabouts. There was a disagreement between the old and new owners and the station went dark for a few days. When it came back, it was a national feed instead of a personalized feed. We still get the national feed today.

It sucks. I much prefer the old RTN.


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Not to hijack.. but I

Not to hijack.. but I noticed the same on FOX last night. Lie To Me seemed super grainy.. especially in the whites, which I had not noticed on FOX before. (Over the air here, btw)

But I also noticed that RTN looked rougher. Wonder if they stole some bandwidth from -2 and -3 to make their primary HD look better...

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Probably some wierd effect

Probably some wierd effect the producer of the program wanted. I've noticed that on some HD movies these days as well as on some tv programs (Battlestar Galactica comes to mind). People spend all this money on High Def sets and then the producers want to blur that definition down with some grain in the video. It makes no sense in my opinion. The question would be if it has the same graininess week to week. That would answer if it's something the producers want, or something else.

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True... was the show

True... was the show premiere, so I'll find out this week. But I feel the same.. all this money to get real-life images, then they add blur and grain & make it look like a homemade 8mm video.

Getting back to original topic... RTN looked better to me this weekend. Still soft, but not as much grain & blur.


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