WBAY to replace Retro TV Network with Living Well Network this month

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Looks like WBAY will be one of eight Young Broadcasting stations to pick up Disney-ABC's "Live Well Network" as a digital subchannel. This is according to Broadcasting & Cable Magazine.

The rollout is due January 30th.  No word yet on whether the addition of the lifestyle network will affect WBAY's other subchannel offerings.  WBAY currently offers two additional subchannels -- one dedicated to weather and another to the fledgling Retro Television Network.  With Journal adding MeTV to WGBA's lineup, Live Well would likely be replacing Retro TV.  Living Well allows affiliates to broadcast local programming on the channel as well, which some markets use to rebroadcast news, local sports or other in-house programming.

There is also a chance they'd add it as an additional subchannel, though this is unlikely as it would affect broadcast quality of the other subchannels.  No one in the Green Bay market broadcasts more than three simultaneously at the present moment.  WPNE previous had a lineup consisting of five, but they did not all broadcast full time 24 hours a day.  Living Well offers affiliates both a lower-bandwidth version of a 720p HD feed that can run concurrently with a main HD channel and a third SD subchannel, in addition to standard 480p SD versions.  It is unknown which resolution WBAY will be offering.

Living Well currently also airs on Journal's WTMJ-TV in Milwaukee.

What do you think of this addition?

UPDATE 1/26:  WBAY confirmed on their Facebook page that Living Well will replace RTV on channel 2.3 by the end of the month.  Still unknown if it will be added in widescreen or low-bandwidth HD, but we suspect it will be in SD.
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I hope they add it as a third

I hope they add it as a third sub channel, as we receive WBAY exceptionally well here. It would seem to have some similarities with the Create Channel (WPNE 38-3). Looking at their website, it would appear that their programing is aimed more for women. I am not watching Retro TV as much now that MeTV is available. Overall, I would welcome them to the market even if Retro TV is replaced.

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I sure hope it is widescreen.

I sure hope it is widescreen. I was in Milwaukee last weekend and both MeTV and This TV were in widescreen. They did not look HD, rather DVD quality widescreen. This would be perfectly acceptable to me.

I already get MeTV and This TV out of Wausau, so MeTV is no big deal, unless it is widescreen! I would also like to see someone local begin broadcasting Antenna TV. I watch it out of Rhinelander and it is another very good classic TV channel, better than Retro TV and on par with MeTV. Rhinelander is simply not 100% reliable to me during the day (it's 92 miles away) but works nearly flawlessly at night, with a few dropouts only in bad weather.

I would love to see all of the classic TV subchannels go widescreen EDTV quality and I would love to see a maximum of 2 sub-channels per frequency to keep the primary HD feed top notch on commercial stations (PBS can stay @ 3) which would allow additional sub-channnels for WFRV, WLUK, WCWF and WACY can all add a channel.

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I put out a question about

I put out a question about channel location on WBAY's Facebook; they answered that LWN launches on 2.3 at the end of the month and RTV is gone.

Good riddance to RTV; since they lost the NBC/Universal contract and put on all of these bad Canadian shows, it's been a terrible channel, and most station groups have dumped it for Me-TV and Antenna TV. LWN should be a good replacement, if women-centric, although I'm also hoping WBAY's version doesn't have as many infomercials as WTMJ's version in Milwaukee (which even puts infomercials in their primetime lineup).

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We are very disappointed RTV has been dumped! We loved it and looked forward to watching several of your programs! We had watched Quincy, as that was truly our favorite! Quincy was difficult to stay up for, as it came on at 10 PM. However, our kids aged 14 and 18 both loved to watch it along with us/their parents! Great program!

We also took in leave it to Beaver, and many of the other programs from time to time.

We also picked up on Davinci, and enjoyed that as of late. Though, still preferred Quincy.

We are hoping that RTV or a station that shows some of these old classic television programs/series and such can be an option yet for the future.

The replacement seems nothing like the retro version previously shown, so it is hard to see this as a replacement of value.

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The Living Well Network came

The Living Well Network came on the air February 6, 2012. A week later than expected. Zap To It, where I get my TV listings, showed the change immediately. Very clear reception. There was some lip syncing issues but that may have been isolated cases. It is not full screen. Instead, the programing comes across as a box in the middle of black.

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My whole family is

My whole family is disappointed that RTV has been dumped. We enjoyed shows that had redeeming qualities like Highway to Heaven, and were hoping to see shows added such as Father Murphy. Living Well Network is just a continuous infomercial. How much beauty advice can one person use? MeTV is okay, but get tired of sit-coms.


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