Lip-Synch on TWC CH 9 AND TWC Ch 710

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Why, after this length of time is the lip-synch STILL off on WIWB?
Analog TWC CH 9 and Digital TWC CH 710 each are still out of synch. Kinda sickening to keep seeing the mouth move before words come out. Do they at WIWB just plain NOT care? WLUK had the same problem, yet they were able to resolve it, and it has been fine since they corrected it. The problem seems to need to be taken care of by WIWB. TWC can only send us what they receive from WIWB.

Posted January 4, 2009 6:36pm in
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I get the same thing from

I get the same thing from WIWB over-the-air on my converter boxed TVs and Windows Media Center. They've had lip sync issues on WIWB-DT for years and supposedly had it fixed. Think it's still a problem.

Occasionally get it on WLUK-DT too, by the way.

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You know, Mark, I have TWC

You know, Mark, I have TWC as well, and I'll get a slight variance in Ch 12 or Ch 712's synch, but it is so infrequently, that I can easily overlook it. I think LUK has done a great job maintaining good synch continuity. It just infuriates me that there seems to be no effort or concern on the part of WIWB to take care of their synch problem. I'm glad WIWB isn't a "Major" network. What they have to offer makes it so easy for me to just go to channel 741 and watch nothing but an announcement. There's just about as much substance there as there is on WIWB.

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I was curious and i noticed

I was curious and i noticed the sync between the video and audio was off on WIWB on U-verse as well. Good thing there is nothing on the CW that I would ever watch.

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John, This helps zero in the

This helps zero in the source of this sync problem.....WIWB, themselves. U-Verse has it, TWC has it, probably everyone ( including WIWB studios) has it. They are fully aware of it, yet seem totally indifferent to it. I agree with you, there is nothing for me that's on this channel that I would watch, either. Were I one of their advertisers I'd most definitley be looking for lower rates or some way out of a contract. It is not one of the better sales tools for their account executives to be using.


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