WIWB Problems?

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We were discussing WIWB on another forum. Someone asked about the lip sync problems. I said that I had been dark for several days on all TVs. Mark said he was out also. I thought that perhaps the station was on low power.

Well, now, on both my Samsung tv and my Samsung set top box the station is being displayed simply as 21-3. There is no WIWB call letters. It is still shown as broadcasting in 1080i HD.

My Vizio lost it completely and it never came back, so I scanned for new channels and it is now back. HOWEVER, it is displayed simply as RF21.1. Something is definitely going on over there. Perhaps for the better!


Posted December 27, 2007 7:09pm in
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I'm still getting no signal

I'm still getting no signal on my Windows Media Center, though I don't know if I can tune DTV channels manually. I think I remember what you're seeing happen to me last time they went low power. It wouldn't resolve to 14-1, but would show as 21-1. 21-3 seems weird. I would really, really doubt they're doing anything "for the better," because it seems they can't keep their normal signal going reliably enough to do anything more than they are.

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Well, The 21.3 has been


The 21.3 has been shown before, a few months ago. I am really puzzled by the RF21.1 number.

What the heck is the "RF" for?


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I am one of those lucky

I am one of those lucky people that have gotten the new dig to analog converter today..I am trying to get in WIWB and was able to on 21.1 for a short while. Since then, I have been trying like h3%! to get it in.

On the plus side, I LOVE the fact that PBS has five channels (I love history and documentaries)and Channel 2 has their version of the weather channel and retro tv (I can't afford nick at nite or tv land :(

I hope that more local stations add more variety channels to digital tv.

As for RF, Sorry I can't help with that one. I remember seeing it time to time when hooking stuff up to the tv's I have but I don't know what it stands for.

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I believe RF stands for

I believe RF stands for Radio Frequency. Just saying you're on an antenna basically. Second, I haven't had any problems with WIWB in the last couple of months. I Have a Samsung 26" LCD, so it would appear that the issue is more like what WLUK had happen a couple of weeks ago. Only affecting some televisions and manufacturers. I also didn't have any issues with WLUK when a number of other people were. I would guess someone was working with their PSIP data and inadvertently screwed something up, and some televisions can't figure out what's going on now. That would explain why suddenly it's not mapping to 14.1 anymore for some people.

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I just hooked up my second

I just hooked up my second converter in my bedroom. My little tv gets all of the channels, even WIWB 14! So bradly you are right, I think it all depends on the tv brand or the technical issues that is going at the station.. I hope something finally gets worked out so we don't have to mess around with this in the future.

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What is happening with WIWB?

What is happening with WIWB? I miss that station. I live in Fond du Lac and can't get the HD signal. WVTV of Milwaukee's HD signal doesn't come on either. The WB is a great network or at least some shows are. Is the problem going to be fixed by next February?

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I've noticed more issues

I've noticed more issues recently trying to receive the signal. It doesn't seem as strong as it once was, but it's always been the weakest channel for me in Menasha.
Recently I seem to have noticed the channel appears to have a lesser color palette, making people appear washed out or 'painted' in appearance.
Anyone else seen that?

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I live in Menasha and can't

I live in Menasha and can't get this channel at all.


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