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I posted the first post on the new forum. Then I was able to reply. Now, a few days later, I am "not allowed to comment" to any of the forums. I am logged in, so that is not the problem (at least the site tells me I am logged in!)

I would PM you, but this is the only way I can contact you. I can post a new topic. I can't reply to an existing one. (even the one I started!)


Oh Oh! I just tried to post this and I get an error telling me I can not post in the "General Discussion" area. It tells me I must chose a topic. I will try again.

Mark, if you can get this fixed, feel free to delete this post. It has nothing to do with HDTV.


Posted December 1, 2007 6:48am in
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We had some problems arise

We had some problems arise in the past day or two we just learned about last night.

The problem stemmed from a module we added to the system that we hoped could give us a little more functionality in user permissions. It wasn't doing what we needed it to do, so I removed it. Unfortunately, it burrowed itself into the site's existing permissions system and messed things up pretty badly.

I knew something was wrong when I posted two Packer-related polls the day after the game and didn't get any responses. Turns out when I logged out, any content I added since doing that module removal disappeared. I would only see it when I logged in. This appeared to happen to regular users as well (Genesis is our "test user" account).

We had to rebuild the user permissions table to get things to work again so hopefully the issues are corrected. I'll take a look at the permissions table again to make sure I have everything set correctly and do a little in-house testing.

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I think I have your problem

I think I have your problem fixed.

Turns out I had unchecked a permission box for that faulty module but never checked it again when I removed it.


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