Updating of Home Page is overdue

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The topics on this homepage are OLD..........Feb thru April 17....I think it's time to update it. It has been predictable what will appear after logging on......few, if any, new comments, and the same topics. It's hard to imagine that there is nothing new to discuss. I could miss visiting the site for a week and there more than likely will be no change from my last visit. I'm not looking for something to complain about, but, geez, c'mon !

Posted May 15, 2009 10:35pm in
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I agree....this site has

I agree....this site has really gone downhill the last few months. I rarely check it any more.

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Thanks for the back-up. I

Thanks for the back-up. I thought I was alone in feeling this way. I sort of regretted making the comment, thinking maybe I was just looking for something to gripe about. It's as if there is no longer anyone here to even monitor the start page content. There's no longer any point in checking in on a daily basis, as I've always done. What was here 4 days ago is nearly identical to what's here now. Really is a shame, because I used to feel kept up-to-date on issues and feelings. I hope this changes and changes soon.

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Wasn't Mark getting married

Wasn't Mark getting married this year? Maybe he's on vacation/honeymoon. I could be wrong though. Just a guess.

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I hope Mark isn't the only

I hope Mark isn't the only person connected with this site. If there are others involved, they're not doing anything. It has become pointless to log on to read what was here 3 weeks ago. Did the last one who left forget to turn out the lights ?

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Maybe we should start a new

Maybe we should start a new site? I will get is the address if you can come up with a name.

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