Kris Schuller returns to Channel 5

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Veteran anchor and reporter Kris Schuller has returned to work for WFRV-TV Channel 5, as of last night. He previously worked there for 17 years, from 1991-2008. For the last few years, he was working for the Wisconsin DOT. Now, he will be doing anchoring and reporting during weeknights at the 10:00 p.m. newscast. I'm not sure if Tom Zalaski has decided to quit anchoring the 10:00 newscast or not, but that's kind of what it sounds like.

To me, bringing Kris Schuller back to the WFRV team makes the station seem less Nexstar-ish (if that makes sense). It brings WFRV back to its roots and away from its parent company. Finally: a veteran anchor joins the team instead of leaves.

What are your thoughts on Kris Schuller's return?

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Interesting that Kris left

Interesting that Kris left the DOT to go back to TV. Must be an interesting reason there. Interesting timing too, with the 41 project in full swing. Maybe it was the hours?

Also curious to see what's going on with Zalaski.

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This is great news. Channel

This is great news. Channel FIVE has always had great news anchors. Erin Davidson & Tom Zaleski were a great combination & I'm sure having Kris back "home" will only be an added benefit.He always was & is a consummate professional. Congrats to All, Welcome back Kris!

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Looks like the cat's out of

Looks like the cat's out of the bag. Kris is heading up a new 4:00 PM hour newscast on Channel 5 starting today.|newswell|text|FRONTPAGE|p
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It is interesting. Since

It is interesting. Since most of that station has left since the takeover last year.

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One of the few not trying to

One of the few not trying to get out..
Larry left for GBA. Tammy now to BAY mornings,...although they haven't announced yet. Lost the Packer contract. Of course they didn't make money. It is a loss leader and image builder.

Morning anchors are looking to get out.

Kris..was pushed out the door once there. Even a bad Nexstar station is better than schlepping PR for the DOT. It's show business Krissy, right??

A sinking ship. Dumping ratings service. No reporters under contract.
New news director that has no idea about the market. Should I go on. Look for the weather guy to get the boot next.
You idiots have no idea what that company is like. A bottom feeder as far as TV companies go.


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