Larry McCarren leaving WFRV

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Green Bay

Figured it was bound to happen now that Nexstar gave up the Packers Network affiliation, but WFRV announced that Larry McCarren is leaving the station at the end of this month.

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Is this the beginning of a

Is this the beginning of a local sports department at NBC 26. They need a local voice and who better than The Rock?

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I'm hoping & praying that

I'm hoping & praying that he's going to start at NBC26 soon.

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I'm more curious about

I'm more curious about whether he'd make the jump down to WTMJ, since he's already in with the Radio Network anyways. I highly doubt he'd jump directly over to NBC26, given their current configuration.

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I'd support it if and only if

I'd support it if and only if they send up one of their own.

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Mark, you're right about

Mark, you're right about NBC26. The more I think about it, I am betting he joins the Packers in their Media Group Department.

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I saw this coming a couple

I saw this coming a couple months ago, even before WFRV gave up being the Official Packers Station. Larry seemed like he was being more blunt on-air, perhaps rebelling against the Nexstar regime. I've also noticed that whenever I watch him on the news, he seems to refrain from using WFRV's new branding, "Local 5." Instead, he just says, "Welcome back" or just starts talking instead of saying, "Welcome back to Local 5." It's just those small clues...

Nexstar must be really irritating a lot of people. Since their takeover, four longtime employees have all left the station: Tammy Elliott, Dana Tyler, Ryan Popkey, and Larry McCarren. That's an anchor, a quarter of the weather department, and half of the sports department. And notice how Nexstar has yet to replace any of them...

It's anyone's guess who's next to leave...

I wish Larry luck in his next endeavor, whether it's simply being on the radio or moving to WGBA. I'm sad to see him go, but I'm also happy for his freedom of Nexstar.

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Larry won't be going to 26,

Larry won't be going to 26, remember, he is an intelligent man.....

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Maybe we're seeing NBC26 and

Maybe we're seeing NBC26 and Local 5 switching places?

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That was exactly my thought,

That was exactly my thought, Allen. In a year from now, we all might actually be watching NBC26's news instead of Channel 5's. I know it sounds very odd, but let's face it: Nexstar is going to run Channel 5 into the ground. What was once probably the best station in the market to work for is now the worst. Journal Broadcast Group is now the hot employer because of their affiliation with the Packers. I wouldn't be surprised if some other staff from Channel 5 decides to head over to 26 because of the potentially expanding news department.

Specifically, I think Larry will be heading over to NBC26. He said in an article that there is a "mutual interest" between JBG and him regarding expanding his talent to TV again. He already works for JBG as a radio announcer for the Packers Radio Network on WTMJ-AM.

As for his Locker Room show, Nexstar announced that they are attempting to find a replacement host for the show, perhaps another former Packer.

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Don't expect anyone to jump

Don't expect anyone to jump ship and go to ch. 26. That place is still a dump. Mainly because of Journal. They don't give a crap about that place, the people I have talked to that used to work there still don't like it, Packers or no Packers.

There is no staff, high staff turnover, and bad management.

Journal is widely known in broadcasting as one of the worst places to work for now.

The "hot employer" still doesn't have a sports department.

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I'm not disagreeing with you.

I'm not disagreeing with you. NBC26 is currently rather terrible. But, becoming the Official Packers Station, they are claiming that they are making some huge improvements over the summer. I expect that most of their problems, including a lack of a sports department, will be remedied in the near future. I also expect that Journal will start "giving a crap" more, now that the whole market is looking to them for Packer programming.

By the way, Nexstar probably outdoes every single broadcasting company when it comes to being the worst place to work. Does Chelly Boutott really look happy having to do the 10:00 p.m. newscast on Saturday and then getting up to do Sunday Morning at 6:00 a.m.? She might as well sleep at the station...

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Journal is such a crappy

Journal is such a crappy company with bad leaders, it would take them 20 years to fix the damage they did to ch. 26. and the community. I am surprised McCarthy would even want to be associated with anything that place puts on the air and associates with them.

No way in hell McCarren would do sports for them. Like I said, he is a smart man.

Urinal communications, along with the company stock, is on a downward spiral to bankruptcy.

Good luck!


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