WFRV to broadcast Green Bay's first HD newscast tonight

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Green Bay
First, a correction to a previous story: WBAY will not be the first Green Bay TV station to do news in high-definition after all.

We have learned just now that WFRV Channel 5, our local CBS affiliate, will broadcast Green Bay's first HD newscast TONIGHT during the 5:00 PM newscast. WFRV producer Jesse Jermstad tweeted moments ago "Big day for @wfrv5 Join us at 5pm when we become first #GreenBay station to go HD."

WBAY had previously announced plans to switch to HD in phases by year's end, so WFRV's recent promo teases and announcement today was a surprise. WFRV had previously been the first station in the Green Bay market to convert their master control facilities to HD, which led to syndicated programming being presented in high-definition. WLUK and corporate sibling WCWF have since followed suit with their own HD syndication capabilities.
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Hooray!!! :D I love it!

Hooray!!! :D I love it!

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 Interesting tidbits from the

 Interesting tidbits from the Green Bay Press-Gazette report on this:

Jay Zollar, general manager of WLUK, Channel 11, said the station's conversion was 85 percent complete.  Zollar said WLUK has been working on HD for two years. In 2009, the station completed a $2 million, 9,000-square-foot addition that included a new newsroom.  "We still have some field gear and a couple things we need to acquire," he said.

Nice "Hey, us too!" response.

Joe Poss, general manager of WGBA, Channel 26, said his station has begun planning for conversion.  Poss said WGBA will begin airing commercials and syndicated programs in HD "sooner rather than later."

Sounds like someone just up and realized that they're once again the "also-ran" news station in Green Bay and have to play catch up.  Luckily WTMJ is HD so half their newscasts is already HD in theory.

So I missed the 5:00 PM newscast last night but caught the 6:00 PM one.  I think the picture, overall, is leaps and bounds above anything else in the market now.  There was a remote shot that seemed a bit soft but still 16x9.  The weather is outstanding in HD, and their graphics package is clean and appealing.  I'm thrilled we finally have HD news in this market, and it sounds like more is on the way very soon.  Congrats WFRV!  Can't wait to see the new digs in person.
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We watched the news at 6:00

We watched the news at 6:00 PM Saturday on WFRV channel 5. Very nice. Clear, easy to see, and full screen. Congratulations.

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Looks good. If I were to

Looks good. If I were to tweak anything, it's that the graphics are all very BLUE and could use more color and variety. Also, the weather graphics (forecasts, current conditions) are smallish in the middle of the screen and don't take advantage of the large amount of screen space now available.


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