WFRV launches new website...again. For better or for worse?

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Chilton, WI

Today, WFRV launched a new website, using their new owner's website design. Nexstar Broadcasting requires each of its stations to have a web address that relates to the community or location, and NOT the station. So, Channel 5's new web address is now instead of the familiar

Channel 5 had already launched a new website back in April 2010, using Broadcast Interactive Media. That design looked futuristic and appealing, and it was easy to navigate. Their new site, however, uses much older graphics, dating back to 1998, according to the bottom of the site. Also, is it just me, or did they drop YouNews with the new site? That was really a main focus of the station for quite some time, so it's really unfortunate that Nexstar had to step in and take away all of WFRV's website glory.

At least the HD news was finished before the sale of WFRV closed -- otherwise, I could hardly imagine Nexstar paying for such a project.

Welcome to the Nexstar Era, WFRV.

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The new site stinks! 100%

The new site stinks! 100% step backwards and a clear indication that the parent company has no idea how to listen to their customers. They made so much progress with their new "old" site, but this... garbage. I'm really not sure what to think except they have given their competition a HUGE hole to run through and take over the top spot. Looks as if all the social media capabilities have been stripped..but then again there was no true social media back in 1998 except for a guest book... Where is the guest book integrated into the site... oh wait, they charge for that like the premium weather add-on... How New York Times is that? Nice paywall... love it!

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Corporate synergy isn't

Corporate synergy isn't always a good thing.

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Is there any reason that it

Is there any reason that it is called "We are Greenbay." I live in appleton, and I feel left out. I think if they end up redoing the website they should change it to "We are NEW"

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I agree. I live in Oshkosh

I agree. I live in Oshkosh and it seems foolish to go to a website called "We are Green Bay" for news about my community. This market is widespread, with more of the market's people living outside of Green Bay than within its city limits. Essentially, the majority of their viewers/website users are now alienated. They need to change it (again).


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