WFRV-TV 5 graphic updates...finaly

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I swear, other than the main graphics, the logo placement and ticker remained the same. Until now...I turned on channel 5 to notice that they now have an updated logo on the bottom of the screen that starts off the ticker. The time, temperature, website, and "NEWS" appear in a blue box on top of the ticker and the ticker content comes out of the blue box.
I've also noticed that they are really liking the fact that they have HD, it is all over the weather graphics. The new name for their skycam network is "High 5 Skycam Network," which is sponsored by Van Vreede's. The weather headlines for today, tonight, and tomorrow now have pictures of some area tourist attractions. Looks to be a lighthouse, a barn, Lambeau Field, Lawrence Memorial Chapel, and the Brown County Courthouse.Unfortunately they are still stuck with a five day forecast...ugh.

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I, too, have noticed these

I, too, have noticed these changes. In addition to the ticker, they now have decided to change the color scheme of their graphics from blue to green during their "Official Packers Station" stories. They also introduce Erin Davisson and Tom Zalaski at the top of the newscasts again.

Not to get off topic, but what does everyone think of Tammy Elliott and Dana Tyler leaving at nearly the same time? I know Tammy said it was because of her kids, but I don't think that's the only reason. I think Nexstar Broadcasting, Inc., had something to do with both of their departures. With their penny-pinching reputation, they probably laid them off, too. They must feel so great about letting people go and demoting others, like Dave Miller, who now gets the pleasure of doing weekends again. And on Sundays, Dave Miller and Chelly Boutott now have to do mornings AND evenings on the same day. Wonderful, right?

So many more changes to Channel 5 are probably likely to come... hopefully they'll get rid of that horrid website of theirs, in the meantime.

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I hate their new commercials

I hate their new commercials for the website. They make the new site sound so high tech and fast, but it is really lousy and boring.


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