WFRV's handling of storm coverage and announcing full running of the 2 NCIS episodes.

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Rather irritating that the News anchors announce that both NCIS and NCIS:LA, will be run in entirety beginning at 12:35 AM, because of their covage of the the tornado weather.

I'd recorded on my DVR the NCIS episode from 7:00 pm until it was pre-empted by the weather coverage ( which was more important for our safety ).

So, I deleted the 1/2 NCIS and 1/2 weather, since it was announced it would be shown in full at 12:35 am.

Then , some time later they announced that just the last 38 minutes of NCIS would be shown and the full NCIS:LA would follow. That's great, what good is the 2nd half of a program ? The first half was deleted based soley on their initial announcement that each was to be shown in full.

Very bad PR on their part. I doubt I'm the only one that acted in the same way. I hope they have the integrity to announce their initial error and to show the 7-8 pm episode in full over the weekend or at a time that doesn't interfere with any decent programming.

Posted May 5, 2010 11:18pm in
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All stations need to take

All stations need to take DVRs into consideration when they cut into prime-time like that. WLUK did a similarly bad job. At first they announced that American Idol would be seen in its entirety at 10 PM. Then later they say that Idol, Glee and the news would all start in sequence directly after their storm coverage was done. It's not a VCR world anymore. For most DVR users, they're not accustomed to setting manual recordings. Even those that are, it's more useful if you tell them the programming is starting at a certain time so they can set the start and end times accordingly. Starting at an arbitrary time makes it extremely difficult for DVR users to adjust their settings.

Heard about this happening on WFRV and was watching WLUK at the time. Wonder if WGBA and WBAY had similar issues.

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I was watching WBAY that

I was watching WBAY that night--"Dancing With The Stars" and "Lost". They showed the last one to two minutes of D.W.T.S. on the 10:00pm news so you could see who was eliminated from the competition. The funny thing is that this was a part of the D.W.T.S. broadcast that was not preempted for weather coverage.

WBAY told us to watch the videos online if we wanted to see the rest. I can't watch TV online with a dial-up connection.

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One was going to re-run a

One was going to re-run a program tonight, and the other sation did as they said they would. Wfrv could have also put better ( or some) info on their website. Really disappointing.


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