Email I sent to their general manager

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Appleton, WI

I'm really hoping that the email I sent will produce some high quality feedback from them.

So here is the email:

I hate if this and previous emails I have sent regarding your station have sounded like I've been angry, but I am quite frustrated at the path your station has taken.

First off, HD in general. Lots of customers of yours has produced HD commercials, expecting to have them broadcast in true HD. However, those HD commercials have been windowboxed when they air. Even your new HD commercials for NBC26 today have been windowboxed. Either your station should give your customers a refund or air them in true HD.

There is a new technology in broadcasting, and I am afraid that NBC26 is completely blind to it. The newscasts need to be in HD. HD newscasts improve weather forecasting, has better quality video, and I personally think that the on-air personalities have much more enthusiasm about their stories when they are in HD.

I feel that the weathercasts during the weekends are not even geared for Northeastern Wisconsin. To have a meteorologist from Milwaukee is not acceptable, they are already busy enough trying to prepare a forecast for Milwaukee, take off some of the burden from them by getting another meteorologist for NBC26 weekends so we have a forecast for NE Wisconsin.

I have posted this to NBC26's Facebook page, but I'd like to share this with you as well. It is not acceptable to have a Milwaukee sports anchor do the sports for Northeastern Wisconsin. Because you use Milwaukee sports anchors, local high school sports do not even have a chance to be in the newscasts. Please, I beg of you, bring back Ted Stefaniak so high school sports are able to be on NBC26's newscasts.

On behalf of many of NBC26's viewers, please don't air NEW Sports Showdown on NBC26. There are NBC programs that we would like to see, but because you air the games, we all have to scramble to find out when these other programs are on. Plus, Sports Showdown really isn't really high enough, quality wise to even be on during prime time on the big 3 networks.

Your station's newscasts are terrible because of one major reason, its the lack of reporters. If I count correctly, there are only five reporters and three anchors; by comparison Today's TMJ4 has ten reporters and 8 anchors. Because there are so few reporters, lots of the days top stories really don't get reported on, they just get read on the air by the anchors. Plus, the fact that they all work out of Green Bay, a lot of the events south of Appleton do not get reported on as much as the events in & around Green Bay.

Finally, the icing on the cake, in my mind: A new set. I was viewing pictures of the studio/newsroom since that first newscast in 1996, three sets have had their place in that room, one of which was an addition to its previous one which makes it two sets. The studio looks very out of date, and feels really crowded even with only two people on set.

I ask of you to really read and think about the contents of this email, and I hope that you will make improvements to your station. I would appreciate some feedback more than what Bob Healey does, "What is your connection to our station?"

Thank you,
Allen Blodgett

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Nicely written! I personally

Nicely written! I personally think that if WGBA wants to retain their affiliation with NBC, they should show the regular NBC programming instead of high school sports. Obviously, they're regressing back to their roots as an independent station. If they keep it up, that wish may come true. :P

They should just become a semi-satellite of WTMJ, just like WJMN is of WFRV, instead of airing less-than-mediocre newscasts. It's such a waste.

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Here is his response, must

Here is his response, must say I'm surprised by how pleasant this sounds.

"We here at NBC26 and MyNEW32 have worked hard to try to bring you new products and quality news. I would welcome a conversation about exciting new projects that will develop in 2012. Please feel free to give me a call about your concerns.

Thank you for your viewership.

Joe Poss
Vice President and General Manager NBC26
Phone: 920-490-2646
Fax: 920-494-7071

Not really sure what these new projects are that will be developing soon, but it sure makes me excited. I wouldn't say that NBC26 is tryng hard to bring us quality news, but who knows maybe they really are, we all know how little Journal Broadcast Group cares about them.

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Well, I guess we just found

Well, I guess we just found out what one of those new products are.


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