Journal adding MeTV as second subchannel for NBC26

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First Journal put WGBA in the subchannel game with the relatively unknown TheCoolTV. Now they're adding one of the more popular digital subchannels to NBC26's lineup -- MeTV.

Broadcasting & Cable Magazine is reporting a number of pickups for the Wiegel Broadcasting service, including Green Bay's WGBA. No details on when it will be added. Also unknown is whether Journal intends to make it the third channel on NBC26's signal, or to replace TheCoolTV's music videos with MeTV's lineup of classic shows like Cheers, Gunsmoke and M*A*S*H.

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I am very excited that MeTV

I am very excited that MeTV is coming! It has so much better programming than the Retro Television Network, which has gotten quite lame in the past few years (probably because it was acquired by Luken Communications). To check out what MeTV all has to offer, see

For some reason, RTV's website ( seems to be blank in the "Shows" section. I find this quite unprofessional.

At least NBC26 can be good for something... but it's certainly not their news department... it's their subchannels, of all things!! ;)

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It looks like MeTV is indeed

It looks like MeTV is indeed a replacement for TheCoolTV, which Journal isn't very happy with right now; they're suing TheCoolTV's parent company for non-payment of services and removing them from WTMJ to replace them with Live Well Network on October 1st (WBME in Milwaukee has MeTV and is owned by Weigel, which runs MeTV);

Also, MeTV is getting some of the shows that RTV lost when NBCU didn't renew their contract in June like "The Rockford Files", so look forward to that eventually (and who all the sudden at RTV decided to declare moldy "Crook and Chase" and "Cold Case Files" reruns "retro" anyways?).

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It's unfortunate TheCoolTV is

It's unfortunate TheCoolTV is going away. I didn't watch it much, but it did provide for something interesting to watch on a rainy weekend, when most everyone else is in Infomercial mode.

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Since RTV is definitely

Since RTV is definitely spiraling downward, I think it would be great if WBAY would drop it and put TheCoolTV in its place (as long as there is no squabble going on with their parent company). There's already a following for the channel, and WBAY doesn't seem to be gaining viewers with RTV.

MeTV is great; I've seen it from Milwaukee. All the shows you grew up with and then some. Kind of like and "oldies" station for TV.

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I saw a promo on TMJ4 today

I saw a promo on TMJ4 today that their replacement for TheCoolTV (a health network) begins October 1. Perhaps the same date is true for WGBA?

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@Andy, you are the lucky

@Andy, you are the lucky winner, you are correct. The change did take place on October 1st :)


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