NBC26 & Today's TMJ 4 now on YouTube

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As stated in the subject line, these 2 stations are now on YouTube.
NBC26: http://youtube.com/nbc26
Today's TMJ 4: http://youtube.com/todaystmj4

Now, I must apologize in advance, because I'm going into a rant.

1. HD newscasts. Not much for this HUGE difference. Today's TMJ4 is HD & NBC26 is obviously not. If NBC26 has any hopes for being a big name TV station in the area, they are going to need to become HD.

2. On-air staff. Just watching one YouTube video of TMJ4, it is so easy to tell how few people that NBC26 has to draw from. TMJ4 is able draw from their approx. 19 anchors/reporters, plus they have 5 meteorologists and 3 sports team members. In one of the videos they didn't even use their reporters, they used reporters from Newsradio 620 WTMJ. NBC26 only has 9 anchors/reporters, how are they supposed to cover stories from a viewing area the size of Northeast Wisconsin? This is one of the reasons I hate NBC26, I can't expect them to be in my "Corner" when they are not even in our community!

3. Meteorologists. I'd like to see more meteorologists at NBC26. The meteorologists in Milwaukee have more than enough forecasting to do for Milwaukee, don't make them do double by forecasting for NE Wisconsin. Also, it just doesn't seem fair to us viewers to have people who don't live here trying to talk about what the weather feels like in Green Bay if they are not even in Green Bay. Plus, it takes away from the interaction between 2 people being on the TV screen before/after the weathercast. In the videos it was nice to see more than one person grace the screen, the newscasts seem more interactive when there is more than one person talking to us.

4. Sports (or lack there of). If NBC26 has any hopes of continuing as the official Packers (hmm...I think football is a SPORT) station, they are going to need to have their OWN sports team. I find it decent-ish to have the Milwaukee sports reporters talk about the Packers, Brewers, and Bucks, but that doesn't cut it for local sports. They need to have a set of at least 2 people who can go to high school, local college, community, and professional games. Sports goes back to the fact I can't expect them to be in my "Corner" when they are not even in our communities. A hint to NBC26: bring back Ted Stefaniak & Dean Leisgang.

5. Sets. Today's TMJ4's set looks decent in HD, was built primarily for SD, but it works. NBC26's set sometimes makes me want to throw up, it is so ancient (I wouldn't be surprised if the whole or parts of the set is older than me), it needs to be torn down and replaced with something high tech that is inspired by the NBC Today show's set or NBC Nightly News' set. Another hint to NBC26: get Clickspring to design your set. NBC26 does have one good thing as part of their set, and that is the newsroom is behind the anchor desk, but it never has any people in the newsroom, so I don't see any point of have it visible.

6. Signal. I have no clue what Today's TMJ4's signal is like, but I know as an antenna viewer, that NBC26's reception could be called a word we don't use here. They claim they have a signal boost in the works for both WGBA & WACY, but I don't when that's going to happen and by how much.

Does anybody have any more to add to this list? I think I might send it off to Joe Poss at NBC26.

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