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Is it just me since the selling of WGBA to Journal from Aries, that NBC26's newscasts became terrible. I still remember NBC26 Going Places and stuff.

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It's hard to say as the ink

It's hard to say as the ink is barely dry on Nexstar's purchase of WFRV, but Journal seems like the least committed news station owner in this market. They're running a news operation on a shoestring, they over-sensationalize their news to an annoying degree, their weather is passable at best, their picture quality is crap, and half their newscast is piped in from Milwaukee. Their level of commitment shows. They're pretty much on record as being the only news station in GB that isn't actively upgrading to HD. They might as well just scrap the news division entirely.

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I agree with Mark. They

I agree with Mark. They should stop wasting people's time with their noticably bad newscasts. If it wasn't for the fact that they happened to receive the NBC affiliation back in 1995, they probably wouldn't even have a news department. Maybe WGBA should just become a semi-satellite of WTMJ, just like WJMN is of WFRV in the U.P., and just air their newscasts. I mean, they both are NBC affiliates -- why not?


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FoxCitiesTV: I'm just glad he's doing actual meteorology again, and not those goofy Oneida Casino ads he did a year or two ago. Good to see him back in the saddle.
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TvBoy: From what most people say, Journal doesn't care much about NBC 26. So them spending money would be totally unrealistic. People will watch Larry, but not much else.


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