5-Day Stock Prices: TWC vs TVL

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So I'm pretty useless when it comes to financial matters.  Hell, I may as well have my last $42 stuffed in my Verlo at home.  So I don't know what exactly to make of this.  What do all you out there think?  Is this just the overall market lately or do you think the whole retransmission issue is showing here?

(Obviously, TWC is Time Warner Cable and TVL is LIN Television.)

Posted October 8, 2008 11:35am in
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It could partly be the

It could partly be the blackout effecting LIN. I don't think the drop would be as steep for LIN if this had been resolved. So, with that, I say keep it up Time Warner! Only a little bit of time yet before LIN crawls back to ya...

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I doubt it has that much to

I doubt it has that much to do with the blackout on TWC and more to do with the current market.

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Or the fact that they were

Or the fact that they were counting on TWC submitting and filling revenue gaps that they can no longer hide...

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I think it shows that LIN

I think it shows that LIN needs TWC a heck of a lot more than TWC needs LIN, because while TWC's stock has stayed pretty consistent with their losses, LIN's losses increase as each day passes.

I personally think TWC has LIN in some sort of wrestling submission hold and the referee is about ready to ring the bell after LIN taps the mat and submits. LIN can try to get to the ropes to force TWC to break the hold, but their attempts will be futile.

Just my two cents.... which is almost enough to buy a share of LIN stock.

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It appears that the slide

It appears that the slide is evening out a bit now.  I'd be interested to see what stocks on both sides will do when (and if) a deal is reached.

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TVL was pulled down by TWC

TVL was pulled down by TWC and the overall market conditions - I would not be surprised if this whole contract issue was a conspiracy to by TVL? Just my two cents.


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