How long will (or should) the WLUK blackout go on?

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Do you think this could last a week? Two weeks? A month?

How long will this thing last? How long do you THINK it should last?

Posted October 6, 2008 4:51pm in
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Should go on as long as is

Should go on as long as is needed. Haven't even been suffering without FOX at all. For my updates on the packer game, just followed the NFL's cool instant action play thingy on their website, so I can see where the pack is as well as the opposing team. I can also follow along using the newspaper and packers site for updates. IF I need instant updates, just listen to the radio and imagine the players and where they are.

Zollar thinks it is going to be finished this week, and it very may be. Especially if all these LIN stations are starting to hurt in their advertising side of things. Almost looks to be hurting them, as their stock is at a 52 week low.

For now, I will enjoy getting Starz on channel 12. Glad to see Time Warner trying to make their customers happy throughout this all. They have at least been trying. All WLUK has done is bash Time Warner, blame them, and tell people to go to the competators. Time Warner, even with the issues people have with them, looks a heck of a lot better and for their viewers/customers than WLUK because of that.

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Are you serious? "just

Are you serious? "just listen to the radio and imagine the players and where they are" or sit and watch a cartoon drawing of a football field? You must have a great imagination because I couldn't even consider that as any kind of a alternative.

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Can't imagine it will go on

Can't imagine it will go on too much longer. LIN TV seems to hurting more in all of this (as expected) and will need Time Warner more than Time Warner needs it. I would guess another week or two, tops.

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Thanks to Mark for making it

Thanks to Mark for making it so easy to watch a Fox show, if we need to. I wonder how long it will be before advertisers start bailing out on Fox. Hang in there Time Warner.

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Not sure why advertisers

Not sure why advertisers would bail out, everyone in the area are still getting their signal.

Green Bay Forum

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Hopefully the end is in

Hopefully the end is in sight. The best thing on WLUK is the Packers. Everything else is on the Internet or can be lived without. Next week's Packer game is on CBS, the week after there is a bye week. Just after that... uh-oh LIN - SWEEPS is approaching quickly. Do you really think LIN will keep this gamble going into the Sweeps period?

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Fox does have a high-quality

Fox does have a high-quality option on the internet to watch most shows people are missing. We just added an HD Tivo to our home theater so we can record Fox OTA. Works great, more reliable than the TWC DVR at this point. Just hope this whole things gets resolved soon, and that resolution comes with the addition of Fox 11 in HD on cable (been waiting for that for 7 years).

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Too bad they have so few

Too bad they have so few high-quality shows !

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"Not sure why advertisers

"Not sure why advertisers would bail out, everyone in the area are still getting their signal."

If I were an advertiser I would bail out in a heartbeat. Reason being, I am a TWC subscriber, since Fox has pulled the plug, I have ONLY watched Fox for the Packer games, nothing else. Not one bit. For me, if I flip through the stations I flip through the HD stations first, Fox has not been there and still is not there, then I flip through some analog stations that arent in HD. Then I find something I want. Call it laziness, but for me to go switch my receiver and my input on the TV so I can check what is on one station is not worth it to me. Yes I can watch WLUK but it is a pain in the rear end to do so. Also, when it is on, if the kids are running around and they are somewhat near the attena, then the signal drops out. It is a pain, to watch WLUK and I dont miss it. I only watch WLUK for seeing the Packers, however, if their signal was carried by TWC then they would have fair chance of me watching their channel. I know I am only one person but I would think many other people do this as well.

Advertisers dollars go much further on the other local stations because of this. I hope that it is cheaper to advertise on WLUK because it sure shoud be seeing that it is a pain to watch WLUK and most of the time not worth the effort. LIN will learn this the hard way if they dont agree to stop being so dang selfish and to think of their advertisers and viewers. I have not read hardly anything that supports LIN/WLUK regarding this matter. However, I have read lots of positives regarding TWC.

Hang in there TWC!

Also one more note. Jay Zoeller said it was great that so many people like their programming that so many people went out to get the free antennas from TWC. Just to clarify, I got mine SOLELY to watch the Packers, not to watch your other shows. I can live without WLUK's programming, but I enjoy watching the Packers, and that is my only option.

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I agree 100% with this

I agree 100% with this entire post. From how I flip through channels to only getting the antenna for football and baseball to only watching Fox when those events are on since it went away. Nice post.

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Rumor has it LINTV gave TWC

Rumor has it LINTV gave TWC a counter offer on Friday... we will see what happens next. Chances are FOX HD will be included the next time we see WLUK.

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I don't think the inclusion

I don't think the inclusion of WLUK-HD as part of this negotiation was ever in doubt. In the past few agreements that came up, analog and digital signals were being negotiated together as part of the deal.

That would be interesting if a new counteroffer was made from LIN's camp. I had heard a rumor that LIN was urgently trying to move along negotiations last week. If that was actually the case, it would make me believe they don't want this thing to run into November sweeps.

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Hopefully LIN holds out and

Hopefully LIN holds out and the rest of the locals eventually stick it to overpriced TW. Its time someone sticks it to them.

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Have you been paying too

Have you been paying too much attention to the smear campaigns? I hate to break it to you, but LIN is more in the wrong here than TWC.

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Maybe someone else has

Maybe someone else has mentioned this and I missed it - but what's stopping Time Warner from piping in any of the other Fox affiliates in Wisconsin into the Green Bay market? WITI out of Milwaukee... possibly even WFXS out of Wausau?

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"To bring in a signal from

"To bring in a signal from another market is not legally permissible."

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I predict until October

I predict until October 29.......

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Hey Guys... This has just

Hey Guys... This has just ended. Just watching the news this morning and they said they have come to an agreement with TWC to bring SD and HD programming. From what they are saying this change is immediate so TWC subscribers should have the service now.

Now the question is... WHO GAVE IN?

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Yep, it's over. Saw channel

Yep, it's over. Saw channel 12 this morning, no sign of HD yet but I'm sure it'll be up shortly. It's too bad we'll probably never know who gave in under what terms.


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