Hypothetical situation: What happens if WLUK's transmitter goes down?

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Let's play out a hypothetical situation here:

What do you think would happen if WLUK's transmitter went down during a Time Warner blackout? Most of us remember not too long ago when a busted transmission line to the tower knocked WFRV off the air for a couple days. Imagine what would happen if that happened to WLUK during this cable skirmish. Let's assume, for the sake of this situation, that only the digital transmitter went down.

Do you think they'd give cable a temporary OK to restore the analog signal until the transmitter went back online? Do you think it would change people's perception of the negotiations? What would happen if this occurred on a Sunday when the Packers were playing?

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I will say that having cable

I will say that having cable or satellite signals available would not help people like me who only have OTA reception (and LOVE it!). I would simply tune to Fox 55 out of Wittenberg/ Wausau to watch the game.


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I could only hope that this

I could only hope that this scenario would legally enable TWC to seek out and contract with a different FOX affiliate, replacing WLUK. Who would really miss WLUK local programming, as long as the rest of the desired shows were made available ? We have 3 Green Bay stations more capable of providing us our local news, weather, sports.


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