Anyone seeing WLUK blink out on Time Warner Cable?

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Is anyone else with Time Warner Cable seeing WLUK (Channel 12) blink out periodically in the past few days? All other channels are fine, but WLUK seems to go on and off a few times every hour during the day.

Posted July 24, 2008 3:32pm in WLUK
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I have not noticed anything

I have not noticed anything with WLUK, it has been on during the times I have watched it. I have been having a bugger of a time with HD channels though....Service not available try again later messages to freezing to just blacking out.

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I noticed WLUK blinking out

I noticed WLUK blinking out yesterday- have been having the problem for about the last week of all channels dropping for about half a second here and there both using the converter box and not- but problem with WLUK yesterday was different.

Have also had the "service not available" problem with the HD channels. That problem only occurs when I first tune to a HD channel. I usually have to tune to a SD channel and then back to the HD channel and it eventually come in.

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I've had the "service not

I've had the "service not available" quite a bit with Food Network HD. It happens either if I try to tune the channel live or DVR a program. A lot of my DVR'ed Food HD programs are less than the 30 minutes or an hour they're supposed to be. That is, if they record at all.

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For the original post, not

For the original post, not sure if it has anything to do with them changing this channel to digital for the set top boxes.



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