LIN Media pulls WLUK off DISH Network; PR barbs fly

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As promised, the negotiation deadline lapsed and LIN pulled WLUK off DISH Network last night.  Now the dueling press releases tell very different stories:
LIN Media president and CEO Vincent Sadusky:  We only want what is fair for our local stations, so that we can continue providing the premium news, sports, entertainment, and other local programming that is most important to viewers.  We will continue negotiating with Dish so we may reach an agreement.
And then... the other side.
DISH Network:  It's unfortunate that LIN Media, a corporate media conglomerate, pulled its channels down at midnight, holding viewers in 17 markets across the nation hostage while attempting to coerce Dish Network to submit to outrageous demands. Even more disappointing is the fact that LIN Media didn't even make an effort to keep negotiating during the final hours and failed to respond despite our numerous attempts to reach them. LIN Media also refused to grant the contract extension we proposed. Dish Network offered LIN Media a fee increase comparable to market rates already agreed to with more than 1,000 other TV stations. However, in the last few days, LIN Media increased its fees even more, demanding more than a 175 percent rate increase in the first year alone.

LIN Media is simply being greedy, insisting on a rate increase so immense that DISH Network and its customers couldn't possibly absorb it.  Their onerous demands and burdensome contract terms would result in payments of millions of dollars more each month, exceeding current market rates and demanding more money than we pay most of our popular national networks.
Who do you believe?
Posted March 5, 2011 7:36pm in WLUK
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Here's my opinion... ESPN is

Here's my opinion...

ESPN is paid over $5 per subscriber per month. Discovery, Disney, etc., they all get paid big money. Yet, broadcast TV produces an average of 88 of the top 100 shows each week, with CBS and Fox leading the way. Lin owns CBS and FOX stations. These stations produce more highly watched content than ESPN, so why shouldn't they get paid for it? Retransmitters want local affiliate content for free, yet they charge for it. They complain about retrans fees, but 88 of the top 100 most watched weekly shows are on these local affiliates.

So what if they pay an additional 175% in the first year, and more later? They will simply pass these costs on to their subscribers. Some subscribers may drop Dish and go elsewhere, perhaps to OTA TV via a simple antenna.

I still watch FOX with no problems on all TVs in my house. The fact is that most Americans watch Fox and CBS MORE than ESPN, Discovery and Disney COMBINED!!!! Why should they not get paid retrans fees?

I would not work for free. Why should a local network affiliate have to give away their signal to someone who charges others to watch it? This is not just Dish, it is Direct TV, all cable companies and now fiber companies such as AT&T and Verizon. These companies want to supply the content, but they want to obtain it for little or no cost and then sell it for profit.

My question on another forum was this...if 88 of the top 100 shows come from boradcast TV, and if retrans fees were stopped and broadcasters all pulled their signals, would Pay TV providers drop their costs to subscribers by 88%?

I doubt it.

Install a decent antenna system for your area and you will not have these outage problems!

Just my opinion.


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