No FOX HD on Time Warner because they won't buy WLUK a Valley Newsroom?

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First, a disclaimer...  take this with a grain of salt.  This was a reply post to a recent Post-Crescent column about WLUK's long running spat with Time Warner Cable over HD carriage.  As such, there's really no guarantee that the poster is who they say they are or knows what they claim first-hand.  But still... if true, this is an interesting twist to the story.

According to the poster, the disagreement over WLUK HD carriage is more about money than first thought.  We had heard from various sources that WLUK was looking for anywhere between 20-50 cents per sub per month.  The poster claims that WLUK wants a Valley newsroom like WGBA, WBAY and WFRV all have, and they want Time Warner to foot the bill, which is possibly as high as $750,000.

That's a little bit more than a few pennies a day that WLUK said they were trying to get.  (That is, if this is indeed true.)  That got me thinking, though... doesn't WLUK have a Valley office, if not a "newsroom"?  I thought they had it in the upper level of the Fox River Mall for years.  Granted I haven't set foot in the mall in many years, but didn't they used to have one there?  I thought they at least used to cut live to the Valley newsroom during newscasts.

Posted February 7, 2008 9:29am in WLUK
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I believe that WLUK does

I believe that WLUK does indeed have a Valley office. I think its in the Berbee building just south of the mall (the gold building). At the very least I've seen their live truck parked in the parking lot of that building. They will occasionally go live from their valley bureau during the news.

EDIT: A quick Google for WLUK Appleton, WI had two results in Appleton. One north of the Mall and one south of the Mall (The Berbee Building) I haven't seen FOX 11 in the mall at all so they are most likely in the Berbee building where the Live Truck is parked.

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I know WLUK did at one point

I know WLUK did at one point have an office or news room in the Fox River Mall. It was on the second floor by the food court. Not sure if it is still there.

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I thought so too. I

I thought so too. I remember their logo up on the second floor and possibly a red LED ticker sign or something.

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Since I work in the Berbee

Since I work in the Berbee building, I can tell you that they do have some type of office in the building. Their live truck is always charging something off the poles in the parking lot.

The used to have a ticker in the mall but I think they may have relocated.


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