No HD on WLUK during Fiesta Bowl

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Well it seems that WLUK is having issues yet again. No HD feed on TWC or OTA of the Fiesta Bowl. This is getting ridicules. It seems their messed up transmitter always picks the most important sporting event of the week to go out. They have their SD feet on both channels 712 and 11-1 right now. It's a good thing they don't have the Super Bowl this year.

Posted January 5, 2009 8:41pm in WLUK
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It was upconverted on their

It was upconverted on their digital over-the-air. Wonder what's going on?

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This has been since last

This has been since last night, unfortunately. I think they're really having some major issues.

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Perhaps their parent company

Perhaps their parent company should get them some reliable equipment now that they got paid.

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Where would the profit be in

Where would the profit be in that? We've agreed to pay them, who cares what their signal looks like! OTA people don't pay anyways!

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Noticed the SD feed on OTA

Noticed the SD feed on OTA and AT&T U-Verse over at my parents' place earlier. Don't know if it was U-Verse or WLUK, but the picture appeared very stuttery and choppy in parts. Anyone else see this?

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I first noticed wluk's

I first noticed wluk's latest HD problems on Saturday, the HD transmission was off the air for a few hours. They had a message on 712 advising HD out. Then for the Eagle/Viking game on Sunday they lost the HD and the remainder of the game was probably just the digital signal. Their HD signal isn't as sharp as NBC and CBS but thats probably because wluk doesn't transmit in 1080i. maybe by Feb 17th they will get their act together....

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Just an untrained eye's

Just an untrained eye's opinion, but I tend to prefer FOX's HD to NBC's, for sports at the very least. 1080i is a horrible looking format for sports, which is probably why FOX went to 720p for their overall broadcast format. For most everything else, NBC and CBS does look a bit crisper at 1080i. I've had a horrible time getting reception in Appleton this winter without some breakups across all channels.

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I watched the OTA-HD feed

I watched the OTA-HD feed during the entire 2nd half of Fiesta Bowl. Picture was as expected for SD but was very consistent. No dropouts or choppies to speak of.

Buckeys sure were funny though! Wow they suck at bowl games. haha

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Channel 11.1 OTA was very

Channel 11.1 OTA was very washed out and drab. It was a terrible picture. I flipped the channel to Fox 55 out of Wausau and their analog colors and crispness was MUCH better than WLUK's digital signal. (WFXS FOX 55 is not yet broadcasting in digital and hopes to begin testing their new digital facilities by the end of this month).

Perhaps WLUK is working on the changeover and does not have HD capabilities at this time. Remember, they are the ONLY local channel that is changing channels and tower locations, so they may be performing the final work needed for the change.

WLUK is digitally broadcasting on physical channel 51 currently, and broadcasts this DTV signal from a tower several miles south of their analog tower. When the switch occurs, WLUK will shut off both their analog signal AND their current digital signal, then begin broadcasting their digital signal on physical channel 11 from their analog tower location.

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Noticed this morning on Good

Noticed this morning on Good Day Wisconsin that the picture was incredibly flat and drab. Just looked very washed out and not sharp at all. Audio was horrible too. Comparatively to other locals, there was very noticeable noise and overall it just sounded fuzzy.

I hope it gets better. This is definitely not worth the money the pay TV providers are giving them if it stays in its current form.

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Looks like there is something wrong with the transmitter.

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And, how easily they could

And, how easily they could have said that this ice problem happened and may or may not cause transmission problems. Then, if the problems happened, they would be covered and would have been very up-front with their viewers.......without negative viewer feedback. Geez, how could that have been anything but good PR ?

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We all know that WLUK is

We all know that WLUK is well aware of FOX CITIES TV, so they are also aware of the complaints aired above. If they had even an interest in the viewers and had any
explanation for these problems, you'd like to think they would have the stones to explain what's happening...............we would see they ARE concerned and might even gain a bit of respect for them for keeping us " in the loop "

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I guess they must of heard

I guess they must of heard you because I caught a report on WLUK around 6AM this morning. They are working to get the HD back up and running in time for the BCS Championship game.

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They've been catching a lot

They've been catching a lot of flack both here and on the Post-Crescent/Press-Gazette comments in the past day or two.


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