WLUK to broadcast its first HD newscast tonight at 5 PM

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Green Bay
Today's the day. WLUK will officially broadcast its first high-definition newscast tonight at 5 PM, followed by a newscast at 9 PM and the first Good Day Wisconsin in HD tomorrow morning at 5 AM.

FOX 11 has been working on rebuilding its studio for the last several weeks.  They are the third of the four news stations in the Green Bay / Appleton Wisconsin market to officially change over to fully HD newscasts.  

WGBA recently converted to 16x9 newscasts with some HD remote shots, though it does not appear to be true top-to-bottom "HD" yet.

WLUK has been offering behind-the-scenes glimpses of their set under construction on their Facebook page over the past few weeks, and an on-camera preview of the new set was offered during an interview with Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker this weekend (seen below).

Posted April 23, 2012 8:20am in WLUK
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Dang it all. I had a SUPER

Dang it all. I had a SUPER exhaustive review of the first HD newscast written up with screenshots and everything, and my clumsy fat fingers and Google Chrome back-paged on it and lost the whole thing. Uhhh...

On the whole, I give the new newscast a B+. I'll probably try to recreate my first glance "stream of consciousness" review tomorrow. Anyone else have thoughts on the first newscasts?

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I was impressed. Colorful

I was impressed. Colorful large set, new music, new graphics. This is how an HD transition should be done. Congratulations on the best HD newscast in the market.

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Damn, For as long as it took


For as long as it took to get that thing launched, I was pretty disappointed. Not that impressive. Better than the last set, but not worth the price paid.

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It looks good to me.

It looks good to me. Obviously a great improvement over what it was. I like the colors, the bug on the right with the simple temp and time, the panning out, and the text scroll at the bottom. There continues to be lip sync issues during news stories. Overall, a nice upgrade.


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