WLUK to double transmitter power...finally.

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Chilton, WI

WLUK Fox 11 will be upgrading their transmitter power from 17.2 KWatts ERP to 40 KWatts ERP on Wednesday.

When they switched from digital channel 51 to 11 back in June 2009, they had to downgrade power due to another station in Madison with that signal. Recently, that channel became available again in the Madison area, so WLUK applied to the FCC to increase power.

I say, it's about time. It kind of made me mad with how weak their station was, especially during Packer games. How will this power upgrade affect you?

Posted August 14, 2011 8:55am in WLUK
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This is awesome news!!. I

This is awesome news!!. I live in Appleton and fox is the only over the air channel that I really struggle with. Can't wait!

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WLUK comes in even stronger

WLUK comes in even stronger now. Before the power upgrade, we were at 3 out of 5 bars, with the occasional lost reception, now our TV shows 5 out of 5 bars. All the major stations out of Green Bay are now being received really well. Channel 32 does not come in real well though. It would be nice to see a power boast from them so we could watch Monk on Friday nights.


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