WLUK HD Channel Primetime closed captioning ....where is it?

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I have Time Warner and can't get captioning for CH 712 FOX HD primetime shows. It's OK all the time on CH 12 and only during the daytime on Ch 712. Also their local news and local proramming is fine, even at nite.....just FOX HD primetime shows ( " House", "Bones", "Lie to Me", etc.) Is anyone having the same experience on Time Warner? How about u-Verse, Directv, DISH ?
If you have any of these providers, can you get primetime shows with captioning on WLUK HD Channel? Don't bother with daytime....just nite and WLUK HD

Posted March 24, 2009 9:44pm in WLUK
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I just flipped on American

I just flipped on American Idol right now (7:55 on Thursday) and there is captioning there. It was a little behind, but what do you expect when it's a live show. I have U-Verse and I haven't noticed any issues on FOX. I also tend to use captioning on House as well since sometimes it can be hard to hear some of the dialogue and I haven't noticed it missing captioning. Might be worth a call to Time Warner.

UPDATE: Hell's Kitchen came on and the captioning is coming through just fine and in time with the voices. And as an aside, kind of a cool opening for Hell's Kitchen.

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Thanks, I appreciate your

Thanks, I appreciate your input. It appears that the problem is on the WLUK end.
I spoke to both TWC and WLUK.

Is there anyone with TWC HD that has this Captioning problem during the 7-9 PM weeknight time slot ?

How about Directv, DISH, or other TWC customers ?


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As I mentioned earlier, the

As I mentioned earlier, the captioning problem is apparently ONLY on TWC, and ONLY during Primetime and during FOX network live broadcasts and only on TWC CH 712. It's fine on TWC 12 all the time. It is only a problem ON TWC WLUK HD Ch 712..and it appears to be a problem of origin with WLUK, but it still continues. This has become quite aggravating.

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That is weird, considering

That is weird, considering that Time Warner takes the HD signal from WLUK (712) then downconverts it for the analog signal on channel 12. I would think if it works on one (the analog) it should work on the other (the digital). They started doing that right before the two DTV tests that were held in the market a few months back.

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Yes, it is strange. Each

Yes, it is strange. Each TWC WLUK channel had the captioning functioning perfectly up until 3-4 weeks ago. TWC Ch 12 is always great with the captioning for all programs. It's just primetime and FOX Network live shows on 712 that have had the CC problem. I watched their local news on 712 this morning...no problems, but when they went to FOX News Sunday at 9:00 am, the CC did NOT function. I then checked on Ch 12 and the CC was working. When NASCAR comes on, there likewise will be no CC on 712, but will be on 12. This is the only channnel ( 712 ) among all TWC CC'd
programs that has this problem....so, I know my HD DVR is fine. WLUK HD has the signal transmission to TWC problem.

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Looks like WLUK got the

Looks like WLUK got the captioning back on TWC Ch 712. I pray it remains.


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