WLUK HD on Time Warner Is STILL out-of-sync

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WLUK HD on Time Warner continues to be out of sync. OTA and analog are OK, but the digital and HD Channel ( except for prime time) is still NOT in sync. Their digital channel's local, live news, "Amy", daytime syndicated programs are so bad that I have stopped to even glance at them. It seems like no one gives a damn about it at either cable or WLUK. All the other local HD channels are in sync. Why can't they fix it right?
It's a shame to have this after all the BS we put up with while cable and LIN
negotiated. I can only imagine how much alike it will be with the new WIWB HD.

Posted November 29, 2008 8:29pm in WLUK
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I get WLUK via antenna, and

I get WLUK via antenna, and their upconverted stuff on DT (local news, non-network programming) is horribly out of sync... upwards of a second.

It's always been slightly off, but in the last two weeks its been really bad.

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I'm seeing the same thing on

I'm seeing the same thing on Dish Network as well...

Gotta love WLUK!

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Looks like the lip sync

Looks like the lip sync might be back on track now. Watching U-Verse (Channel 1011), Time Warner Cable (ClearQAM 86-13) and OTA (Channel 11-1) here in Green Bay. It's always good to have options. Incidentally, when is Time Warner going to map 86-13 to 11-1 like they've done with the others?

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Yes, indeed, it do seem that

Yes, indeed, it do seem that it is in sync. I saw that Judge Judy, local news, Jeopardy were in sync..as they should have been all along. Makes a huge difference in how it affected my interest in watching the channel. This should help keep more viewers there for other than Prime Time shows.


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