WLUK may just have the best looking HD news set in Green Bay television

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Gotta give a lot of props to WLUK for their social media handling of their new HD set.  They've been teasing it with Facebook cover photos for a week or two now, and their newest pic makes it look like they have something really spectacular in the works.

That set really is striking in comparison to WFRV and WBAY's new HD sets, which both look cold and dark in comparison.  The color palette, textures and lighting really makes this thing pop.  Can't wait to see it on TV.  (Do they still have robotic cameras at WLUK?  This is a set that's begging for some sweeping camera movements to rejoin from breaks.  It would be a crime to lock a camera down on this set.)
Posted April 5, 2012 11:41am in WLUK
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I too have been fascinated by

I too have been fascinated by their 'teases.' Yes, this set is really striking in comparison to WBAY & WFRV sets, and is EXTREMELY striking compared to WGBA's.

WFRV's set has been in place since the early 2000s, but at least it works well in HD, WGBA won't have that, unless in the unlikely case that they get a new one.

WLUK has had robotic cameras before and they've done some very small camera movements at rejoins. What would really be cool is if they get a camera jib for use in newscasts, maybe I'm just dreaming.

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Looks Good!

Looks Good!

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The Fox station in Utah looks like it will have a larger version, but the desk area seems similar. It also debuts Monday.


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