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PBS has gone from 5 digital sub-channels to 3. PBS.1 is now HD. It provides childrens programming during the day and the normal PBS-HD programming at night. PBS.2 is still the Wisconsin Channel. PBS.3 is still Create, but it now has children's programming from mid-morning to early afternoon.


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I'm curious to see just how

I'm curious to see just how much HD programming PBS will run. Supposedly, they're doing this because most PBS shows will be HD. Sesame Street is shooting in HD now.

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I live 38 miles from the

I live 38 miles from the tower, SW of New London. WPNE routinely drops out occationally when 4 channels are broadcasting. I think that perhaps the digital bitstream is just a bit too crowded. Tonight, for some reason, there were no dropouts at all! Perhaps the weather, or perhaps the downsizing of channels!


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I hope TWC will soon provide

I hope TWC will soon provide updated, upgraded, accurate program guide info for PBSHD. The program guide info they have now is terribly vague....
(Austin City Limits:Country musicians perform; Mexico/Bayless: Mexican Cuisine;
America's Test Kitchen: Cooking tips, techniques, and advice;
Soundstage: Musical performers.......etc.)
Not any details beyond what we already know. We shouldn't have to go to PBSHD website for this info.


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